UFO Maine Blueberry

Hazy Blueberry Wheat | ABV: 4.8%

We’ve enjoyed the wild blueberries of Maine for as long as we remember. Be it blueberry pies, muffins, pancakes, or by the handful straight from the carton, there’s something special about the satisfying sweetness of Vacationland’s state fruit. This hazy blueberry wheat ale was first brewed exclusively for Maine as our ode to those wild blueberries—but one thing led to another and this limited release found itself in our 2020 Spring Mix pack, and then available everywhere as a year-round offering.

Tasting Notes

Maine Blueberry is brewed with, you guessed it, real Maine blueberries for the authentic taste of Maine’s signature berries. Notes of blueberry start with Maine Blueberries inviting aroma and continue with a wave of sweet blueberry flavor in each sip. Balanced by a light body and crisp finish, Maine Blueberry is more than a sweet treat, it’s a satisfying and refreshing ale dedicated to the best wild blueberries around.

Specialty Ingredients: Real Maine blueberries

Available In
UFO MB 6pk Refresh Mock Up-601x464-ede32a6

12 oz can 6-pack

UFO MB 12pk Refresh Mock Up-600x471-023694f

12 oz can 12-pack

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