About Us

A Fateful Voyage

We launched UFO Beer Company to challenge what craft beer could look and taste like. The year was 1998, and we were feeling aspirational. NASA was sending John Glenn back into space. The X-Files movie was coming out (Lost in Space too, but we don’t really like to talk about that). On a fateful voyage to the opposite coast, we discovered that breweries of the Pacific Northwest were serving up delicious pints of cloudy wheat beer, a new concept for American craft brewing. We couldn’t get enough of the stuff, but the style had yet to make its way to our home in the Northeast. Life had given us lemons, so we rolled up our sleeves, sliced them up, and garnished our first beer with them—a cloudy hefeweizen called UFO.

Ready for Takeoff

UFO stood for UnFiltered Offering, because it had a unique cloudiness due to not filtering yeast out of the beer. But the name UFO also symbolized the alien experience that this was to craft drinkers of the Northeast. As we brewed more UFOs we continued to find inspiration across the map, from European beer styles like a Belgian Framboise or German Radler, to unlikely combinations of familiar flavors in the culinary world like in Winter Blonde, our Vanilla Coffee Blonde Ale. These influences in flavor and style from all over have kept our lineup fresh and unique-if it’s easy to enjoy, crafted with quality ingredients, and just a little different, then we’ll proudly call it a UFO.

A New Frontier

Now, more than twenty years since we landed the first UFO in the hands of eager craft drinkers, we’re as excited as ever about bringing you the highest quality beers from UFO Beer Company. We’ve come a long way since UFO first touched down, but our craft endeavor has only just begun. We strive to brew these craft endeavors with the best ingredients and processes available to us, so that you’re always getting a quality experience that is approachable, flavorful, and easy to enjoy. Thank you for your support, your passion, and your curiosity. Without you, we would never have begun this journey to boldly go where no beer has gone before.


Employee Owned

It’s not just our purpose, it's personal. That’s because in 2014 we became employee owned. Everyone has a real stake in what we’re building together.


Taste Beyond

Whether we’re brewing a Light White Ale or a Fruited IPA, we are always trying to push the boundaries of what is possible in craft beer.


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