UFO Florida Citrus

Hazy Citrus Wheat Beer | ABV: 5.3%

While searching the globe for the best and freshest fruit flavors and ingredients we could find, naturally we came in for a landing in Florida. USA, Earth. Brewed with real Florida Oranges, orange peel, and orange puree, this beer is beaming with bright, citrusy goodness. Each sip will be sure to teleport you smack dab in the middle of the famous Florida Orange Groves this beer was inspired by.

Tasting Notes

Crisp and refreshing, bursting with fresh and juicy orange flavor and a clean finish that is sure to keep you coming back for that next sip.

Available In
Florida Citrus 12 pack_ updated

12 oz can 12-pack

florida citrus 6 pack

12 oz can 6-pack

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